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First United Methodist Church, Lansing, MIWe welcome you to First United Methodist Church. We believe you will find God blessing you with new truth, new relationships, and new opportunities to serve as you find your place in the life of this congregation.

Our purpose is to connect people to the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

What is a United Methodist?

United Methodists are the second largest Protestant denomination in America.

United Methodists hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith, including:
God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
Salvation offered to all persons through the saving grace of Jesus Christ;
The authority of Scripture in matters of faith and practice.

Methodists have historically valued worship that is passionate and small groups where people can grow in faith. United Methodists are also known for uniting their personal faith journeys with hands-on outreach to the world. At First UMC, we believe in holiness of both heart and life. All persons are encouraged to grow in knowledge and love of God through worship and study, but you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to get involved in sharing the hope and healing of Christ within our local and global communities.

United Methodists are evangelical, but moderates rather than fundamentalists. We value God’s gifts of intellect and reason, while at the same time looking to the Bible as the authoritative guide for faith and practice. Methodists possess a vital faith with strong convictions, but we also recognize that the world is not always black and white. We are willing to ask questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and to do so with grace and compassion. At First UMC, we welcome all who seek to faithfully live out Scripture’s timeless teachings in the context of our contemporary world.

If you would like to know more about our beliefs and what it means to follow Christ, please call 517-321-5187 and ask to speak to our pastor or email us.

United Methodist Church: Basics of Our Faith