Soaring Unlimited-Baby Boxes for Haiti

“Soaring Unlimited-Baby Boxes for Haiti” is one of the mission projects that we are able to support during the pandemic. “Soaring Unlimited-Baby Boxes for Haiti” is a community development organization that works to improve infant and birthing health in Haiti.

Soaring Unlimited was founded by Dorothy Frederickson of Holt United Methodist Church as a result of her mission work in Haiti. After retiring as director of Soaring Unlimited, Dorothy started the Baby Box Project to help address the high infant mortality rate in Haiti. It is the goal of the Baby Box Project to give each new mother a safe place to keep her baby during the early critical months of life.

Every other Thursday our basement is humming with the sound of sewing machines. The sewers prepare a baby box with a foam pad for a mattress, a water-proof mattress cover, a sheet, and a mosquito netting. The boxes themselves are produced by a United Methodist Church in Florida.

The sewing group at Lansing First is also making birthing kits that are given to midwives. The kit includes a razor blade, a cord for tying off the umbilical cord, gauze, a washcloth, a brush, and soap.

Central United Methodist Church (here in Lansing) houses the clothing that also accompany the boxes.

If you would like to join us, contact Bernice Natoli at or Jan Blough at